Shipping and Receiving

The shipping department is responsible for receiving, logging and scheduling rolls into our process efficiently and productively. Wasted steps and miscommunication can be problems in a shipping department, whether it’s a roll incoming or outgoing. MP&P places as much detail and attention into the handling of rolls in and out as we do with every other aspect of the roll finishing process.

Shipping and receiving are components essential to our business. Our customers are well aware that the way MP&P handles shipping impacts both their business and ours.

Receiving process

The receiving process is straightforward and well thought out. We unload the roll and un-crate it. Your roll undergoes a meticulously detailed inspection. The key at this point is to carefully determine if there are any issues that will require repair or specialized attention. We look carefully at the condition of the journals for any defects and other vital areas of the roll including any possible rust spots. The entire roll is measured out to check the roll diameter from end to end. All the data is then documented with a work plan for handling the needs of the roll. Once the roll is documented, we move it on to the department where the work will begin.

Heat Transfer RollsShipping process

Our shipping team receives the roll from the department that completed the work on it. We ensure that it is ready for shipment:


  • No water in it
  • Plugs have been installed
  • Side faces are painted, and customer numbers are stencils onto the side face
  • The roll is wrapped based on what type of finish it has or how it will be shipped

Once the roll is completed, we package it for shipment based on the way it was delivered. This could be in a crate, on a  skid or simply on saddles. We address any issues that may have caused a problem from the packaging when it was received. Freight coordination differs depending on the roll or the customer’s specific needs.  Today, the logistics industry is varied as to the types of trailers that are used. At MP&P we have the ability to load / unload:

  • Flatbed
  • Conestoga
  • Box Van
  • Step-Deck
  • Low-Boy
  • Goose-Neck

Our company can accommodate a variety of truck models. The Carriers that we work with regularly in our facility are:

  • XPO Logistics
  • New Penn
  • ABF
  • UPS
  • Ross Express
  • Estes
  • YRC

Crane Capacity:

  • 10 Tons on a single crane
  • 20 Tons when we boom a roll with two cranes

Forklift capacity: largest lifting capacity is 12,000 lbs on our larger forklift.

When we service an industrial roll, it receives detailed attention from the moment the order is called in, to when it leaves our facility, to when it’s back in service at your facility.


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