MPP Terms And Conditions

  1. All orders are subject to final acceptance by our company at Waterbury, Connecticut, as Connecticut contracts.
  2. Prices quoted on plating and finishing of rolls and drums cover a nominal amount of basis metal repairs, except wherein noted. Should excessive porosity, flaws, laminations, etc., be present in the basis metal, additional necessary repairs will be made (to allow continued normal use of rolls and drums). The prices quoted do not cover such additional necessary repairs, and such additional necessary repairs, if made, will be billed to the purchaser as an additional cost on the basis of labor and materials necessary to make said repairs.
  3. We will notify purchaser prior to such repair work, which is done on a time and material basis, only if the purchaser has notified us in writing that it desires to be so notified. “Not to exceed” estimates will be issued only after items have been examined in our shop.
  4. Roll grinding prices are estimates only and such prices cover face grinding only. Prices for grinding of journals, special bearing areas, roll side faces, trunnions, gears; special shapes, etc. are estimates only. Also, prices for grinding under hydrostatic or air pressure are estimates only.
  5. Price quotations as to chromium plating, basis metal repairs, finish grinding, etc. are made in reliance upon the purchaser’s statement as to basis conditions. We cannot be held to prices herein quoted if the actual basis conditions are not consistent with the representations made by the purchaser. The purchaser hereby agrees to assume all risk that basis conditions may vary with representations made, and should basis conditions vary with the purchaser’s representations; we reserve the right to adjust prices accordingly.
  6. Prices quoted herein do not include sales, use, excise or similar taxes and custom duties. Consequently, the amount for any present or future sales, use, excise or other similar tax or customs duties applicable to the sale of machinery or equipment hereunder shall be paid or reimbursed to us by purchaser, or in lieu thereof, purchaser shall provide us with a tax exemption certificate acceptable to the taxing authorities.
  7. All invoices must be paid within 30 days of the shipping date. If equipment cannot be shipped because of purchaser’s request or reasons beyond our control, payment shall be made within 30 days after we have notified purchaser that items are ready for shipment. Prices are F.O.B. Waterbury, Connecticut. Late payment for any invoice will incur interest charges for the complete invoice or any unpaid portion thereof, at the rate of 1-1/2% per month (annual simple rate 18%) until the entire amount is paid including accrued interest. Quotations offered are open for 30 days from the date. They are subject to change during such period upon written notice to the purchaser. First-time customers, first orders are COD. After the review and verification of credit references and they check out favorably, Customer will be set up Net 30 Day Terms.
  8. Rolls, drums, and other items delivered to Mirror Polishing & Plating Co., Inc. should be carefully skidded, lagged or boxed. If possible, such items will be returned in the same containers. Should the container or box be unsuitable for shipment of the finished item, Mirror Polishing & Plating Co., Inc. will, if requested by the purchaser, build or construct suitable protective covering at time and material charges which shall be added to the purchaser’s cost.
  9. Parcel Post and Express shipments will be insured at purchaser’s expense. Other shipments will not be insured unless so specified in the order. 10. The workmanship and quality of our work is guaranteed only to the extent that we have made express written representations. In any event, maximum liability is limited to the amount of our invoice. Purchaser’s exclusive remedy for any breach hereunder and our only liability in the event of any such breach, shall be the return to the purchaser of any monies paid. In no event will our company be liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages or other damages, losses or expenses. EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY SET FORTH HEREIN, WE MAKE NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED.
  10. We do not assume any responsibility and purchaser agrees that we shall not be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages arising from loss of production or other losses owing to delay due to strikes, differences with workmen, accidents to or failure of machinery or equipment, delays of carriers, delays of material delivery by our suppliers, fire or any other causes beyond our control. We will make no allowances for repairs, replacements or alterations made by the purchaser without the written consent of a company officer.
  11. Purchaser hereby agrees that for particularly valuable or delicate parts it will purchase special insurance, which insurance shall be sufficient to cover all possible damage to such parts.
  12. Quotations are made and orders accepted contingent upon strikes, accidents, fire or other hazards beyond our control. It is understood and agreed that we shall not be liable for any damage to purchaser’s material in our possession in the event of any such occurrence, and that the purchaser shall be responsible for providing insurance to cover its material while that material is in our possession.
  13. The purchaser shall be liable to pay all cost, expenses and attorneys’ fees which may be incurred and/or expended by our company or its attorneys to collect any sums due hereunder, or in enforcing the terms, conditions and provisions of the contract.
  14. The Non-Discrimination clause contained in Section 202 or the Executive Order 11246 Relative to Equal Employment Opportunity for All Persons without Regard to Race, Creed, or National Origin and Implementing Rules and Regulations are incorporated herein.
  15. Minimum order cost is $100.00.
  16. We will not be responsible for any return freight costs. All costs to be paid by the shipper.