Creativity Requires Confidence

It’s a long-known fact that creativity is essential to manufacturing success and market leadership. IBM conducted a survey with CEOs. The result? Creativity is the greatest attribute required to serve a customer needs with excellence. In our case at MP&P we apply creativity to servicing industrial rolls every day.

Working with an industrial roll requires not only equipment and processes but a way of thinking. Creative thinking involves the process of looking at challenges and bringing together disconnected factors into a blend that solves the issue. In other words, it’s about the ability to find alternatives when you hit the wall.


Always thinking and exploring new solutions

In all the types of roll service we provide, none of our people ever say, “It’s never been done that way before.” The ability for people to employ creativity is how solutions are engaged. Don’t leave your industrial roll needs in the hands of those caught in status quo thinking. Contact us today to discuss your industrial roll needs. 203-574-5400

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