MP&P Roll Records Library

Do you know where your roll service records are?

Every MP&P customer can answer “Yes,” to that question.

What happens when your roll leaves our facility, goes back into service and let’s say, 10 years later you need to know exactly all the details of how we serviced your industrial roll? We can provide that to you. At MP&P we record all the details of every industrial roll we service for storage in the:

A call about a 25-year-old roll repair

One of our customers had a key person retire. A short time later they needed to know exactly what work was performed on that roll. The retired person was no longer available, so they contacted us with no small concern. We were able to provide that information because we keep a diligent library of roll repair/service records. That has been a tremendous help to many of our customers.

A new owner needed a roll history

People in companies not only retire, but companies are also bought out or merged with other companies. The previous owners in one case were not available to the new owners who needed background on several industrial rolls. Again, our Roll Records Library saved the day.

Detailed records start at delivery

When an industrial, roll arrives, in our receiving department we unload the roll and un-crate it. Your roll undergoes an immediate and meticulously detailed inspection.

Every aspect is carefully reviewed, and any issues are recorded from the condition of the journals to any other details that should be noted.

All the data is then documented with a work plan for servicing the roll. Once the roll is documented, we move it on to the department where the work will begin.

As the roll moves through each service station, the work conducted is logged. When we service an industrial roll, it receives detailed attention and recording throughout the process right through to the shipping department that packages the roll and sends it back to the customer. Your roll now goes back to work and we maintain the history of every detail. Over the decades, our Roll Records Library has literally saved the day for many customers. Another practical reason to send your industrial rolls to MP&P.


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