Reminder! It may be time to flush again.

If you have a blockage, your roll is not producing. Mineral scaling and corrosion can occur, and corrosion deposits form blockages. This creates a hot spot within the roll forming a reduced transfer of heat. Left unresolved, it can reduce the roll’s productivity and lead to other issues resulting in lost productivity and costs you don’t need.

Don’t let your roll productivity stay blocked.

MP&P offer Acid Flushing as the right solution. It breaks down deposits and blockages and flushes them out and gets you back to better flow rates as well as improving the roll’s thermal conductivity.


MP&P Acid Flush is the key to productivity

MP&P acid flushing, pumps an acidic cleaning solution through the internal flow passages on used heat transfer rolls. Before the flushing, MP&P measures the initial flow and pressure through the roll, providing a baseline on the severity of the inside of the roll. This information defines how we apply our solution.  Following the procedure, the same test is performed to determine flowrate.


Don’t wait until it becomes critical.

Don’t let your productivity suffer. Contact MP&P today and learn how we can provide the level of service that maintains your rolls in productive condition. We can help you be certain that your rolls are functioning at top performance.  The call could save you from expensive lost time and productivity. 203-574-5400



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