Industrial Hard Chromium Plating

Our Roll Plating Process

Hands-On Focused Control Assures Quality Results

Incoming inspection of your roll

Each of our customers comes to the realization that roll surface “engineering” is what lies at the heart of our company. Your roll will go through an exhaustive quality assessment process. Nothing takes place until our roll technicians carry out a detailed inspection. That’s where the process begins. The bare metal roll is scrutinized carefully and methodically. Your roll is completely inspected before any action takes place. This eliminates wasted time with do-overs and longer time frames to get the project completed. From roll refurbishing to roll fabrication you receive expertise that will give you the results required.

The inspection is meticulous

Any pits, nicks, dents or holes are filled and reground (or if necessary, hand finished) before any roll surface plating processes are undertaken.

  • Roll diameter measurement end to end
  • Measure chromium thickness
  • Journals are inspected for damage

Inspection would seem to be a basic task, but at MP&P it is a critical task we approach with intensity. Any blemish on your roll surface; cosmetic or structural, directly impacts the outcome of the roll’s quality. No chances. No risks. No guessing. Dramatic inspection is everything, and makes for a smooth, effective and on-time process for you. A clean surface is the key to any next step in roll finishing. Once the required level of cleanliness is achieved, your roll then moves to the next step in the process of precision roll surface engineering.


Your roll is then immersed in carefully controlled plating tanks that can handle:

  • 12' diameter (20' length) and 7' diameter (38' length) rolls.

The process is monitored to ensure that the right amount of chromium is being deposited for the surface finishing required for your particular roll. However, there’s so much more to developing a finished roll that meets every standard you require.

Outgoing Inspection

You roll is finished. Not quite. Now your roll is subjected once again to the detailed scrutiny of our inspection techniques using specialized instruments.

  • TIR
  • Geometry
  • Straightness

And a whole procedure takes place to assure you roller meets your standards and ours.

Customized, hand crafted protective roll covers (Optional)

  • Protects you roll surface from damage
  • Protects your roll while in shipping through to installation
  • Protects your roll against in-plant cranes and forklifts

The crating process varies dependent on the nature of the roll. You will have a proven safety blanket covering your roll. In summary, your roll is wrapped in a protective layer of material and then covered with a white, hard board. We may also apply micro-foam, grease or other materials.

A picture is indeed worth a thousand words:

An elegantly customized yet hardy and practical solution to protect your industrial roll.

Use our knowledge to your advantage

MPP is one of the few facilities in the country that can handle a wide range of roll sizes and perform all the specification-critical requirements for refinishing all under one roof.

We have the capability to plate directly onto:

  • Stainless steel
  • Nickel
  • Iron of various grades
  • Carbon steel
  • Aluminum

…and other metal composites.

You benefit by our record of performance with over sixty years of experience assuring that there will be no underlying flaws in the plating to cause problems once the roll is placed back into service. Keep in mind that every roll that leaves our hands carries with it the reputation of our people. And once the roll is installed it carries yours as well. That’s why so many companies trust their rolls to us.


Why it matters