Industrial Roll Surface Finishing and the Benefit of Leadership

In the dialogue of improvement, the finger generally points to leaders. This is of course a partial fallacy. Employees must also play an active role in creating the future of their companies. At MP&P, our team is committed to:

• Understand how to better serve their internal and external customers (Teamwork).

• Seek ways to improve what they are charged to do.

• Encourage coworkers to meet obligations by example.

• Lead in the skill of cooperation.

• Speak confidently of their role in the company.

• Believe in our products and services.

• Articulate and engage the company’s values.

• Recognize contributions of others.

• Activate self-confidence.

• Commit to continue learning and improving skills.

• Risk doing what is right rather than what is expedient at the moment

• Give their full sense of skills to the work.

These factors are critical to MP&P because each one directly affects our relationship to customers, whether it’s a routine service, a specialized service or an emergency. This is a key factor because our work is specialized in many unique ways. We are helping customers in many areas such as:

Roll Repair
Acid Flushing
• Roll Fabrication
Chromium Plating
Roll Grinding
• Trouble Shooting Difficult Problems

Every customer that has worked with our company has benefited by our specialized expertise in roll surface engineering:
• Fabrication
• Repair
• Initial hard coating

Resurfacing and finishing of:

• Industrial and paper mill
• Double and single shell heat transfer rolls
• Drum dryers

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