MP&P: Industrial Roll Grinding; a Process and Strategy Overview

MP&P: Industrial Roll Grinding; a Process and Strategy Overview.

HIGH-TECH TOOLS IN the HANDS of skilled people. That’s where the solutions become reality.

Contrary to the notion: a plated roll is not a finished roll. Grinding is a critical step that prepares the chromium plated surface to either:

  • Accept a specialty finish or
  • Be polished to flawless mirror perfection.

At MPP, we bring the latest technology as well as years of experience to the fine art and science of grinding chromium plated rolls so that they perform precisely as the customer expects and requires.







MP&P is able to grind rolls to surface finishes of:

  • 2 Ra and tolerances of 50 millionths TIR (Total Indicator Runout) and shape.

That means that the MP&P refinished roll will operate as well (or better) than the original roll once it’s back in operation at your facility.


To consistently meet those tolerances, requires the latest in grinding equipment and measurement tools. But technology alone will not get the job done. A critical element in MPP’s precision grinding is the skill and experience of our grinding specialists. There can be no substitute.


Our goal is to deliver a roll that can be put back on your line and resume operations with no variation in runout, no feedlines, no chatter, and no hard spots. We can also grind the roll in its bearings to eliminate and variability due to installation.

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