Heat Transfer Roll Repair

MP&P Industrial Roll Surface Finishing in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

The Conestoga Wagon was first built in Lancaster and used extensively for migrations before the development of the railroad. The first Pennsylvania Rifle was produced by Martin Meylin in the 1700s. Peeps candy, shaped as marshmallow chicks covered with yellow sugar, were invented by the Rodda Candy Company of Lancaster in the 1920s. In 1953, […]

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Roll Repair

MP&P Industrial Roll Finishing in Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

Hazleton was incorporated as a city on December 4, 1891. At the time, the population was estimated to be around 14,000 people. Hazleton became the third city in the United States to establish a citywide electric grid in 1891. During the 20th century, the population grew through the “boom period,” from 1885 to 1920. In […]

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