The Importance of “If We Do Not.”

Here at MP&P, across every area of our business, we expect leadership, with a team that solves challenges and improves all the services we offer to our roll customers. One of the factors we have learned over decades of service is anchored in the notion:

If We Do Not.”

If we do not provide superior service to our roll customers, we will lose credibility.

If we do not stay up on the technologies and skills required to repair rolls, we fall short.

Industrial RollsIf we do not maintain an atmosphere of excellence, we lessen our effectiveness.

If we do not continue to work as a team, we minimize results.

If we do not remain committed to our values, we lose our integrity.

If we do not meet the needs of our customers on every level, we lose them.

If we do not clearly understand the customer’s real need, the work fails.

If we don’t function in a socially responsible way, we limit ourselves.

Voice of the Customer.

MP&P’s commitment assures we provide the positive solutions that allow us “To Do.”

It all started some 60 years ago with a very small beginning. The company has grown to a leadership role in serving industrial rolls because we know the critical importance of the Voice of The Customer.

  • What does the customer expect?
  • Does the customer know the real issues with the roll?
  • How intensely does the roll impact production?
  • Does the customer have access to the roll’s service history?

In short, we  work with each customer to clarify the challenges and the solutions. If a company does not understand the customer’s real needs, they can’t provide superior service.

Mirror Polishing and PlatingThat is all based on “clear communication.”  Our commitment to that vital principle has allowed  our company to avoid any of the, If We Do Not,” issues.

As a customer, you understand that our work is not merely about the roll, it’s about your business and that’s where we can support you every time. Let’s discuss the roll needs you have today.


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