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Your Business is Important to us: Really?

“Your business is very important to us; a team member will be with you shortly.”  That pleasant, recorded voice has now repeated the message for the fourth time and you’ve now been on hold for 7 minutes (maybe longer).

Then you have the “Your call is very important to us.”  You’ve heard those words more often than you care to remember. Then the automated attendant asks for your account number and sometimes the last four digits of your social.  When you finally reach a human being, they ask again for your account number and social digits. Well, wait a minute,  didn’t you already leave that information?

Of course, while you are on hold, they add in phrases like: “One of our team members will be with you shortly, please hold, we’re here to serve you.” “Your call is important to us.”

After a few more minutes: “You’re next in the que, please hold, your call is important to us.”


Isn’t it amazing how you can be so very important to them, yet they demonstrate your importance by keeping you on hold for more than a reasonable amount of time. There are also times when you’ve held on all that time and you are then disconnected.

Probably the two most annoying events are when you get to a person, and he tells you he is going off shift and will connect you with someone else who can help you—“Nooooooo!” But too late, you’re on hold again. Or you get to someone who after hearing what you need, says, “You have reached the wrong department. Let me  put you on hold and switch you over.”   Sharp brain pain.

So, why are we bringing up this topic? Here at MP&P, we as individuals have personally experienced the nuisance and frustration of these kinds of customer service phone calls. With first-hand experience of all that wasted time and stress, there is no way we will let that happen to our industrial roll customers. Service, in our view, means far more than doing an excellent job on your industrial roll. It involves every single touch-point that makes contact with the customer. That has been one of the many factors that our customer base has enjoyed.  We can do the same for you. Contact MP&P today.


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