Mirror Polishing Plating

Business Benefits of Self-Management

Most people who work have a manager of some kind. As the  word conveys, a manager is there to  manage people, things, and circumstances. In essence, one who makes things happen in order to meet some requirement. One of the goals of management here at MP&P includes the ability of our people to self-manage.

We encourage a culture of self-management among our people. A manager can only go so far without workers who are engaged in what must be achieved. We often deal with highly challenging issues with industrial rolls. Considering the many facets of servicing a roll, the different workers and processes that are required, self-management plays a key role in success. Thinking on your feet, meeting difficulties with confidence, applying lessons learned, and figuring out new ways, are what serves our customers.

Self-management removes drama

Often times our people are working alone with some specific operation and must deal with accomplishing  a certain result. If that goal is hampered our people call in those who can support a solution. Self-management at MP&P means  no drama and no one “superstar.” We are efficient “together,” each worker bringing his best to the task at hand. This idea of self-management has not only helped us remain in a leadership position in roll surface finishing and engineering excellence but has benefited a wide range of industries. The proof of that statement is that every day, for over 6 decades, we open our doors to receive yet another industrial roll in need of a solution. Contact us today for your industrial roll needs.



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