industrial roll repair

Roll Repair

When the time comes to determine if your industrial roll requires repair or refurbishing, it’s best to talk to an MP&P engineer. They can talk you through temperature control challenges and assist you in evaluating which will work to your advantage and save you time and money. Refurbishing a roll typically provides a 30%-time savings versus a brand-new roll.

Temperature control and stability are key indicators of Heat Transfer Roll health. In today’s world of performance materials and adherence to international standards, uniform temperature control is essential, directly impacting line speed as well as product quality and consistency. If you’ve identified an issue with your heat transfer rolls, the decision to refurbish or replace is best made by first determining the cause of performance decline.

Basic maintenance of your heat transfer roll, such as running treated water through your roll or acid flushing on a regular basis, will help to maintain clean internal flow passages. When scale build-up, excessive corrosion, and blockages inside the roll are significant, roll refurbish may be a more economical option than de-commissioning or discarding the roll.

At MP&P, our goal is to provide you a means to salvage usable components when possible. Removing the outer shell and reconditioning the internal components can be solutions.

  • Refurbishing a heat transfer roll can return production efficiency and product quality
  • Offers a faster ROI than any other roll refurbish service.


With the internal structure intact and in good operating condition, the cost to re-shell or refurbish an existing roll will be less than investing in a new heat transfer roll.

  • Remove the old outer shell
  • Evaluate internal assembly to determine if the roll can be repaired
  • Clean internal assembly and remove old spirals – replace with new spirals
  • Apply corrosion resistant coating over entire internal assembly flow passages (optional)
  • Turn and bore new outer shell for proper fit with reconditioned inner assembly
  • Restore and recondition shaft (if required)
  • Apply chrome plating or another coating system to complete refurbished heat transfer roll


Before making a decision on your industrial roll, talk with an MPP engineer first. You will save time, money and frustration with answers that are proven to make a difference. Contact us today. 203-574-5400




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