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Better Efficiency, Better Success.

Over the year, MP&P has worked on industrial rolls from virtually every manufacturing sector. It is amazing to see the difference between manufacturing companies in terms of their efficiencies and productivity which of course leads to profitability or loss.

Not intended to be exhaustive, but here are few lessons learned that might encourage your company to employ.

Maintaining your equipment.

Sounds obvious but you would be surprised how many companies overlook or undervalue the maintenance of their industrial rolls. Many repairs we see could have been avoided with a well thought out industrial roll maintenance schedule.

Replacing industrial rolls can be very expensive, which is why maintenance should be one of your top concerns – especially when it comes to productivity and avoiding down time. Keep in mind when a roll goes down you lose productivity from your employees and that can double your cost and loses.

Continuous improvement

There’s no need to try and develop your own improvement processes when Lean Manufacturing principles are readily available. Lean is a viable way to focus on reduced waste, low inventory and efficient systems.


 The Well Established 5 S’s of Lean Manufacturing:

  1. Seiri – sort tools, parts, and instructions by their necessity (needed or unneeded)
  2. Seiton – organize tools and parts so that they’re easy to identify and use
  3. Seiso – maintain a cleanly work area
  4. Seiketsu – create a schedule to conduct seiri, seiton, and seiso every day
  5. Shitsuke – establish the first four S’s as an order to be followed at all times


Communication is Vital

Here at MP&P we have experienced high levels of productivity through teamwork. Ensuring that your employees are provided open avenues to communicate their point of experience helps when improving productivity in manufacturing since you’ll be filled in on certain issues that you’d otherwise be unaware of. Open communication also bolsters your efforts to unify the team around efficiency goals.

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