Mirror Polishing

A Quick Reference on Roll Repair

One of the key factors of performance materials with international standards is uniform temperature control. Essentially, temperature control and stability are key indicators of heat transfer roll health. Both factors impact your line speed, product quality and consistent results.

Maintaining Performance

Basic maintenance of your heat transfer roll is absolutely essential:

Mirror Plating

These actions help to maintain clean internal flow passages. When scale build-up such as:

  • Excessive corrosion
  • Blockages inside the roll


When it becomes significant, you face two choices; replace the roll or refurbish the roll. Refurbishing the roll is a much more economical option than taking the roll out of service. At MP&P, we provide you a means to salvage usable components when possible. Removing the outer shell and reconditioning the internal components can be solutions.


A proven and established inspection process for all incoming rolls.

Refurbishing your heat transfer roll can:

  • Return production efficiency
  • Product quality with a faster ROI.

If the internal structure is intact and in good operating condition, the cost to re-shell or refurbish an existing roll will be less than investing in a new heat transfer roll. Refurbishing a roll typically provides a 30% time savings versus a brand new roll. That alone is a key factor for your business.

MP&P offers numerous alternative that will save you money and time

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