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A Custom Engraved Roll Surface (Lost in History)


One of our customers faced a serious challenge, a roll with a custom engraved surface which was produced over time, by a collaboration of companies. Some of those companies are no longer in operation. Moreover, the knowledge base that produced the surface was lost and no record remained.


Moving into action:

Key MP&P team members visited the customer. Photographs were taken along with measurements and documentation of the existing roll surface. This detailed hands-on approach allowed us to understand what materials and appropriate methods would best mimic the surface.

Nest steps:

MP&P developed initial texture samples for review and acceptance.

Customer Result:

After well thought-out iterations, finalizing details, tweaking material and methods, the production rolls were coated and finished with excellence getting the company back in production.

How much do you know about your roll history?

One of the main distinctions we offer customers is a recorded history of the rolls we have worked on. We can go back decades and know what was done to a roll and when. We don’t lose the customer’s history. And that makes a significant difference in a customer’s ability to remain productive, often reducing repair times that keep a roll out of production. So the question is, who knows your roll history and where is it?


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