Mirror Plating and Polishing Industrial Rolls

MP&P Beginnings

You may have noticed that in numerous galleries, books and articles over the past few years that industrial photographs are becoming quite popular. It appears that industrial ruins make great nostalgia photographs. Whether its crumbling brick factories or now vacant spaces with only weeds left behind, there is something about the past that grips us. These types of old photographs may well evoke nostalgia but they can often teach us of the future. At least that’s the way the people at MP&P look at it. In the historic roll surfacing photos we post of our earlier days brings the realization that you really cannot separate the people from the scene photographed.

Our history isn’t just rolls or technology or new methods. It’s really about dedicated people who helped us learn what worked and what didn’t.  That’s one big reason that has kept our company at work for customers for a very long time. It is because every roll has a story behind it. That’s what builds customer confidence and allows us to meet ongoing challenges every day.


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