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“Challenge Us”

The Situation:
Customer running an engraved surface with long lead time

One of our customers faced a critical challenge; they were running an engraved surface that was expensive and required a long lead time to achieve.

Moving into action

MP&P scheduled an on-site visit to the customer facility. There we photographed, measured, and documented in detail, the existing roll surface. The key was to determine and understand what materials and methods would provide the most effective way to mimic the surface.

Next step:

MP&P provided the customer with an initial sample texture. The customer agreed with the initial sample texture. M&PP provided the customer with a second iteration of surface texture to assure the customer’s confidence before committing to coating the production rolls. The project moved forward with total success.

It’s all about a customer-first approach

There’s a lot to handling difficult surface challenges and attention to detail, commitment to understand thoroughly and a dedication to solve the problem is what has always set MP&P apart to customers.


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