Journal Repair is a Critical Service for Ongoing Productivity

mirror polishing and platingIt’s critical to know that the journals on your industrial roll maintain specified tolerances. The bearing journals often wear and no longer meet the specifications needed to function properly. Bearings can often run so hot that they can result in a seizure. But it is not only the bearings and races that can be compromised, it’s the chocks and the rolls—impacting the performance in your process. Journal damage can be costly in more ways than one. By returning your journals to the proper tolerances, MP&P repair services will improve your roll’s performance and keep it in production for extended use in your facility. Plus, MP&P saves you money by restoring the original dimensions rather than replacing the journals. If journals require replacement due to extensive wear, we will handle it and get your roll back online quickly. No challenge is too complex for our engineering team. Contact us today to find a solution to your roll needs.

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