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Matte Roll Surface Finishing. What you should know.

One of the more popular roll finishes is the Matte surface finish. This finish is often applied on heat transfer rolls resulting in a non-gloss appearance. An MP&P PreGrain Finish®, is also known as a Hard Matte Finish or Satin Finish. It’s roll that is a textured roll chrome plated. Whether dull or bright textured surface the surface is deposited with a thin layer of chrome. The silvery toned chromium plated surface feels slick to the touch while the surface retains the roughness of the blasted base metal, creating a textured surface with release. The finish formed from PreGrain creates air spaces between the roll and the product being finished and this significantly aids in the release from the roll surface.



Some of the applications that currently use MP&P’s PreGrain® surface include but are not limited to plastics extruding/calandering, film casting, and embossing. MP&P’s PreGrain surfaces also provide additional release. This is mainly used in many plastic calandering and plastic extruding operations.


Industries served

MP&P’s PreGrain® surfaces are used in almost every industry such as,



-Composites and coated materials.

And many more.

This surface can benefit your process.

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