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Roll Plating

Roll plating is the defense against wear and corrosion. A durable metal finish will improve longevity. Under rigorous detail, we select the plating solution that will provide enduring service and provide the best wear and durability.

We achieve this by first understanding the customer’s needs and issues. This is critical to selecting the appropriate plating approach that perfectly suits production requirements and surface finish including:

  • The right process (chrome plating, electroless nickel or another).
  • Detailed, methodically inspecting the roll.
  • Preparation of the surface.
  • Selection of plating solution.
  • Plating thickness.
  • Aesthetic surface appeal.

A lustrous, smooth, surface allows for easy cleaning and enhances the ability to inspect and clean areas of wear. Our goal is to provide high performance roll plating that remains productive and endures for decades to come. Roll surface “engineering” is what lies at the heart of our approach. This approach eliminates wasted time with do-overs and longer time frames to get the project completed.



The plating immersion process is monitored to ensure that the right amount of chromium is being deposited for the surface finishing required for your roll. However, there’s so much more to developing a finished roll that meets every required standard.

Once your roll is complete and ready for service it goes to our customized shipping department for roll covering. Over the years our people have committed to create a unique method for protecting played rolls while making their way back to the customer. This is as important as the roll plating process because it protects the roll surface from damage and against in-plant cranes and forklifts.

MP&P is one of the few facilities in the country that can handle a wide range of roll sizes and perform all the specification-critical requirements for refinishing all under one roof. We have the capability to plate directly onto: Stainless Steel, Nickel, Various Grades of Iron, Carbon Steel, Aluminum and other metal composites.

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