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On The Power of Teams

Nothing in this world functions alone. Everything is a system/process that requires collaboration. Since our inception, MP&P has consistently worked for customers in a value-based team system including every employee in every department. We apply each person’s unique skills and training to produce “excellence.”

Each industrial roll service function carried out by a team member holds in mind that what he does will affect the team member in the next station of service. This removes any do-overs or slowdowns or interruptions on the project. The success of MP&P teams is based on a holistic view of roll service as opposed to, “this is my job,” and functioning as an island.

Team commitment is one of the factors that has allowed us to continue operations continuously and seamlessly for over six decades. This constant approach is now more than a team process, it has become our company culture. Many companies set team building to address one challenge and then disband. A business will be well served to develop teams into its entire business culture.



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