The capability to deliver.

These days with so many media tools like websites and social media any one can claim to be the best, the most productive, the most reliable. But those claims hold little value. Those claims must come from customers. We have customers working with us for decades. But it takes more, it requires seasoned, highly skilled and committed people.  Following is a partial review of what keeps us in the forefront of solutions.

  Industrial Hard Chromium Plating Tanks.

Plating tanks capable of horizontal and vertical plating and van handle rolls and drums 144-inch diameter x 240-inch length and 84-inch diameter x 456-inch length.

Computer Controlled Ovens.

1000˚ F computer-controlled baking oven capable of handling rolls and other equipment up to 84-inch diameter x 480-inch length.

Heavy Duty OD Roll Grinders. Cylindrical OD roll grinders with capabilities from 3-inch to 96-inch diameter and 6 inch to 276 inch length with the ability to do crown and concave grinding.

Large Capacity Overhead Crane.

Crane capacity of 60,000 pounds.

Extensive Equipment

A complete line of polishing and matte finishing equipment with varying capacities to 84-inch diameter and 200-inch length.

Talented People

MP&P has clearly succeeded not only with equipment, instruments, and process, but through our people. Our solutions come out of the ideas and commitment to solve customer problems. Our people come alive when they face challenges with industrial rolls. They are highly skilled and seasoned with years of experience. What drives them is not only solutions for customer rolls, but they want the rolls they handle to get back to the customers as quickly as possible to keep production going. So, yes, it’s about the capacity to deliver to the customer, timely solutions. Learn more about the solutions you can depend on at today.  

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