Mirror Polishing & Plating Company Inc., Huntingdon Avenue, Waterbury, CT

You Have to Start Right to Finish Right

To successfully complete service on your industrial roll, everything depends on how the process begins. It’s all about expert attention to detail which is why all incoming rolls go through an exhaustive quality assessment. Nothing happens until our tech people complete a detailed inspection.   Your roll is scrutinized scientifically and methodically, eliminating wasted time so your roll can move effectively through our plant and be placed back on your production line efficiently.   Inspection would seem to be a basic, but at MP&P it is a critical task we approach with intensity. Any blemish on your roll surface; cosmetic or structural, directly impacts the outcome of the roll’s quality.  Once the required level of inspections and actions are finished, the roll moves to the next step in the process.   Your roll is then plated to specifications. But the inspection process doesn’t end there. Your roll is again faced with the detailed scrutiny of our inspection techniques. The entire procedure takes place to assure the roll meets your standards and ours.   Once the service is completed your roll is wrapped in a protective layer appropriate to your roll and shipped back. Starting right is what ends right at MP&P. Our efficiency helps keep yours intact! Contact us today. 203-574-5400

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