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Challenge Us!!!

Case Overview #1 


Anti-Skid Surface: A new one of a kind custom roll surface.

One of our customers needed a roll with an anti-skid surface. The first step in the process was to provide the customer with sample finishes that demonstrated variations of our Pregrain surface solution.


Stage One Customer Review:

Customer provided feedback, indicating surfaces were too smooth for desired product.

Our team researched new materials, and using current equipment we were able to provide the customer a sample surface of 500 microinches.


Customer Result:

The customer was thrilled with the result. They wanted rougher surface, but was confident enough to coat production roll. MP&P produced a 700+ microinch  pregrain surface for the customer – a brand new, one of a kind, custom surface. The customer could not be happier with the new product and was able to get it to market in time.

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