Who Does Ohio Call for Roll Refinishing?

When companies in Ohio require roll finishing and repair they call on Mirror Plating & Polishing.

The state of Ohio takes its name from the Ohio River. The name originated from the Seneca language word ohiːyo’, meaning “great river” or “large creek”. The state was admitted to the Union as the 17th state on March 1, 1803. Ohio is historically known as the “Buckeye State” after its Ohio Buckeye trees and Ohioans are also known as “Buckeyes”. In 2010, Ohio was ranked No. 2 in the country for best business climate by Site Selection magazine, based on a business-activity database.

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There are companies here in Ohio that require surface finishing and repairs to their industrial rolls. Mirror Plating & Polishing (MP&P), specializes in helping Ohio based companies with the fabrication, repair, initial hard coating, resurfacing and finishing of industrial and paper mill, double and single shell heat transfer rolls, drum dryers, calendaring, coating, embossing, laminating rolls and cylinders. Founded in 1954, MP&P has been committed to the highest standards of service throughout the generations with one over-riding commitment, that every industrial roll leaving our facility and returned to Ohio companies will meet those standards.

For our customers in Ohio with roll surface finishing and repairs needed for their industrial rolls that means trouble-free performance once the roll is back in production. That commitment to excellence has built MP&P’s reputation as a leader in hard chromium plating and surface finishing of industrial rolls. It continues to make MP&P the name to depend on when quality and consistency count for the leading companies in the state of Ohio. The Ohio Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council ranked the state No. 10 for best business-friendly tax systems in their Business Tax Index 2009, including a top corporate tax and capital gains rate that were both ranked No. 6 at 1.9%.

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Ohio was ranked No. 11 by the council for best friendly-policy states according to their Small Business Survival Index 2009. In alignment with these statistics, MP&P continues to make a difference for Ohio’s companies with industrial rolls that require excellence in quality and service.

Meeting our quality and service commitment in Ohio for roll surface finishing and repairs to a company’s industrial rolls means paying attention to details. Details such as checking for undetected flaws when an industrial roll arrives, performing quality testing throughout the process and keeping your key people involved in the decision-making process. It’s our attention to detail that means an MP&P finished roll will perform flawlessly the first time and every time. Every company in Ohio can rely on that record!

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