FAQ Header Mirror Plating and Polishing Industrial Hard Chrome Plating

MP&P delivers when Nazareth, PA requires industrial roll services.

Regardless of the current setbacks that companies face, they do all they can to keep products and services on the move. They depend on their skilled workforce to handle the daily tasks and challenges. MP&P is right there to continue serving the industrial roll requirements of companies in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

Nazareth was home to the famed Nazareth Speedway, and three major cement companies. Kraemer Textiles, and Martin Guitar also call Nazareth Pennsylvania home.


Famous citizens include Racing legend, Mario Andretti, and Michael and Marco Andretti, and Jordan White, rock singer who was nominated for three 2010 Lehigh Valley Music Awards for Best Songwriter, Best Lyricist, and Best Band.

The manufacturing backbone

FAQ Header Mirror Plating and Polishing Industrial Hard Chrome Plating

Manufacturing has always been the foundation of growth so when industrial rolls in Nazareth need service, they ship their rolls to MP&P for fast, dependable, and proven solutions. Companies, especially now, cannot risk delays when their rolls require repair, fabrication, grinding, plating, and acid flushing.

For over 60 years, MP&P has provided single-source roll fabricating, plating, grinding and surface finishing.

Mirror Plating and Polishing Industrial Rolls

Since 1954, MP&P has focused on a commitment that every roll they handle meets the highest standards. That’s why Nazareth, Pennsylvania’s industry calls on MP&P for solutions.



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