Industrial Roll Fabrication Matte Finished Roll

Refinishing Industrial Rolls in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Manufacturing companies in Scranton, Pennsylvania call on MP&P for industrial roll servicing.

Scranton, Pennsylvania has always been a forward-looking area when it comes to industry. In 1851, it built the Lackawanna and Western Railroad northward to meet the Erie Railroad in Great Bend, Pennsylvania.


Scranton, Pennsylvania City Hall


The town and businesses invested in coal mining to fuel steel operations, and to sell to the products to other businesses. In 1856, they expanded the railroad eastward utilizing the Delaware Lackawanna and Western Railroad. This allowed them to move into the New York City marketplace. The railroad became Scranton’s largest employer for nearly one hundred years.  The city rapidly moved from a small, agrarian-based village with New England roots to a multicultural, industrial-based city.

Scranton, Pennsylvania continues to move forward with its industrial base of which, many produce goods with industrial rolls. MP&P supports the roll servicing needs of many of these unique companies.

MPP grinds rolls to surface finishes of 2Ra and tolerances of 50 millionths TIR (Total Indicator Runout) and shape


These are businesses that have set the highest standards of performance so the industrial rolls they use must support that goal. Therefore, they work with MP&P. The result is trouble-free performance once the roll is back on the production line. MP&P is a single-source solution to Scranton’s roll-based manufacturing companies through:


  • Precision Roll Grinding
  • Roll Repair
  • Custom Solutions
  • Fabrication of New Rolls
  • Industrial Hard Chromium Plating


Scranton, Pennsylvania is also the home of the Houdini Museum which houses many of Harry Houdini’s magic items and history.  But there’s no magic when it comes to servicing industrial rolls at MP&P.  It’s hard work, determination and decades of experience. A commitment to customer excellence that has defined MP&P as a leader in hard chromium plating and surface finishing of industrial rolls. MP&P continues to be the proven solution that industry depends on for quality and consistency.





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