“You’re finished around here!”

A rather famous, but negative phrase often used in movies. At MP&P it’s just the opposite. Your finish is always superb around here, on every roll, every project, every time! Currently, MPP offers over 150 finishes to meet a variety of industrial needs and will work with you to determine the right finish for your application.

  • Ground or polished roll finishes with surface roughness as low as 0.5 Ra
  • Uniform matte finishes with specific surface roughness, gloss or tone requirements
  • Grained surfaces, non-frictional surfaces, liquid pick-up or other specified surface characteristics
  • Hydrophilic & Multi-plated surfaces
  • Extra-thick plating
  • Mirror-Pocket™ surfaces
  • Specially engineered finishes
  • EZ Release™ finishes
  • Roll Surface Finishing


Seeing is believing








We also provide Texturing: Walltex™   Pre-grain surface™   and High-Gloss Finishes and a range of specialties. Our customers are happy to be finished here and so will you.

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